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Tipper Trucks for Hire in Penrith, Parramatta and Syney

tipper truck hire PenrithNew South Wales is considered to be one of the major areas of development in Australia and contains some fast growing cities in the Western region of the state, one of which is Penrith.  

Penrith is a growing commercial centre with plenty of capital intensive development like highways and commercial engineering projects on the go.

Many of these commercial construction projects in and around Penrith need vehicles that are capable of transporting, loading, and unloading materials that come in large quantities or materials that are very heavy and cannot be transported using normal trucks. This is where hiring the tipper trucks can help reduce costs and speed up these construction projects.

Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks, like all other trucks you can see used in commercial construction, belong to the family of gigantic and heavy duty vehicles. They come in different sizes and capabilities. In Penrith, you can easily find companies that offer trucks for hire like moving from one house to another; however, tipper trucks are more useful in construction and building projects.

Common Uses of Tipper Trucks

  • Construction

In construction, tipper trucks are used to transport materials used for construction including, but not limited to, sand, gravel, metal, and soil. After the construction is completed, tipper trucks again, are used to gather and get rid of the unwanted and/or leftover materials and debris.

That is why most construction and building services and companies invest in tipper trucks and other heavy duty vehicles. However, if you don’t need to use these kinds of trucks very often, you can opt to go for the tipper trucks available for hire. The premium Tipper Truck hire company in and around Penrith is Mulgoa Excavations.

  • Moving Loads

Another possible use of tipper trucks are that of moving. It doesn’t necessarily have to be materials found in construction. Tipper trucks can also be used to move any large and heavy objects and other fixtures from one site to another for as long as there is someone to man and guide the transportation.

  • Warehouse & Other Businesses

Warehouse businesses can make use of tipper trucks, too, but they don’t necessarily have to buy one. They can hire tipper trucks as required without committing to large expensive equipment investments.

Other businesses that use tipper trucks are zoos or farmers who manage live animals. They can use this kind of vehicle to transport cages and other animals that need to be transported from one paddock to another or to the abattoir. However, they may need to acquire certain licenses and permissions to transport these animals and to use these vehicles as a means of transportation.

Types of Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks come in small and big sizes. The smaller version of this truck is used for loading and unloading purposes, especially that they have a flat bed at the back that is capable of lifting.

The bigger versions, on the other hand, are mostly used for carrying and transporting heavy loads or loads in large quantity. Furthermore, bigger versions of tipper trucks need license, especially because they carry with them heavy materials that might post a danger to other people.

There are a lot of businesses in Penrith that can make much use of tipper trucks for hire, and there are a number of tipper trucks for hire in that area from Mulgoa Excavations.

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