Mulgoa Excavations strives for high performance in Occupational Health and Safety which is demonstrated in the following ways;



Prior to the commencement of work at any project workplace, all employees of or any subcontractors hired by Mulgoa Excavations must have attended the following training;

NSW WorkCover Authority – General OHS Induction Training Course

RISI Course (for all track / rail projects) which includes a category 3 medical

Project Induction Training Course

Blue Card (optional)

Working Under Live Wires (optional)


Job Safety and Environmental Analysis / Safe Work Method Statement (JSEA / SWMS)

JSEA/SWMS are prepared and reviewed by competent persons and signed off by the Subcontractors responsible management representative prior to the commencement of any significant work on the project.


Toolbox Meetings

All employees and subcontractors working on the project must attend any toolbox meetings held by the Project Coordinators or by Mulgoa Excavations. All meetings are documented with attendees’ names recorded and any important issues noted.


Maintenance of Equipment

 Services on all trucks and plant are completed and are documented. Mulgoa Excavations is a member of the NHVAS scheme. This has been very beneficial in that it has educated our drivers and operators to report faults any to their equipment and to ensure that they take some responsibility in ensuring all trucks and plant are operating at a high standard. Being a member of the scheme has also ensured that all faults that have been reported are dealt with and recorded, ensuring that all vehicles and plant are operating at a high standard.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

 Below are the mandatory PPE requirements which apply to employees and any hired sub-contractors;

  • Hard hats
  • Hi-Vis vests/clothing
  • Safety boots
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Any other PPE as identified in SWMS/JSA’s.
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