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Crushing and Screening Equipment Hire – Penrith, Parramatta, Sydney New South Wales

crushing and screening machine hire penrith parramatta sydney new south walesCrushing and Screening

Heavy machines and equipment can be hired for use on construction sites in New South Wales, Penrith, Parramatta and Sydney or where large demolition projects are taking place – like putting up a new building foundations or the demolition of an existing building or roadway.

Some of this heavy equipment is also used to crush huge rocks into tiny little fragments for easy removal. For example, a jaw crusher is used in both construction and demolition fields.  These are used to “crush” large materials including concrete, stones, pebbles and others. Also, it is used to remove debris from sites after construction is completed.

Projects that Require Crushing and Screening

Building Roads or Highways

When you build roads, you have to use different materials such as sand and gravel, stones, pebbles, and others types of filler depending on the gradient of the highway in question. Some of these materials come in large sized boulders or rocks, making it difficult to transport. However, with the crushing and screening equipment available for hire, transporting becomes easy as the equipment takes care of converting these materials into sizes that are more easily transportable.

Crushing and screening machines usually work in conjunction with one-another. The results of the crushed materials are usually delivered to a screening machine for more filtering and breaking down of the various sizes of rubble required. Each crusher is designed to work with a certain maximum size of raw material, and often delivers its output to a screening machine which sorts and directs the product for further processing.

Digging Building Foundations

In construction in New South Wales specifically, the hard, rocky ground is often not easily dug for foundations even using heavy construction equipment like bull-dozers or back-hoes. It requires heavy equipment crushing equipment to make this possible. This is where crushing and screening machines also come in. They are used to dig building foundation since they also have features that are specifically designed for doing such activities. You only have to have an operator that is skilled in performing such digging to ensure safety and quality.

Preparing Large Lots for Development

Another use of crushing and screening equipment is the preparation of large lots for development. For example, you have a lot that has several hills and you plan to develop it, either making it to a resort or a apartment complex. In order to make this a reality, you can use a crushing and screening machine to level the land and get rid of debris that are not necessary for the development.

Mulgoa Excavations

In Penrith, Australia, the Mulgoa Excavations offers a Pegson XR400 jaw crusher for hire. This jaw crusher has a dust suppression and belt scales. What is even amazing with their service is that they are willing to travel to your location and you can hire their jaw crusher on an hourly basis or on a lump sum basis for long construction duration. The Pegson machine is used to crush up to 250 tonnes per hr. Along with the machine is an operator to ensure that you get quality service in a minimum time.

They also have a screening machine, a Kleimann 24-tonne screen, capable of producing agg materials.

This company is based in Orchard Hills, NSW, Australia. It was established in 1997 and has been growing since then. Aside from screening and crushing machines for hire, they also offer different services that require heavy equipment hire.

Phone: (02) 4736 1713
Fax: (02) 4736 2194
122 Kingswood Rd
Orchard Hills NSW 2748